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Yes!! I'm interested in supporting the success of Soulfire Design, supporting the success of my entrepreneurial network - being a business "matchmaker"; a SoulFire Finder - and receiving a finders fee of 5%-10% on the first contract of every successful referral. FAQ below.

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Is there incentive for people to use this code?

Yes, both options allow your referee to receive 5% off on their first SoulFire project, and with our current opt-in promotion that adds up to 20% off. With a $2500 start-up package (our "enterprise" package) that's $500 off... Sweet deal for them (and you!)

How does it work?

1) Fill out the form above.
2) Receive your individual referral code via email at the address listed above.
3) You give your code to folks who seeking expert design and web support.
4) They can enter it in on the contact page (pic bellow) or [in the booking app (pic) or] in person, or by email.
5) On their first Soulfire Design project your referral will receive a 5% discount on their invoice, and you will receive a 5%-10% finders fee based on the final invoice of their first project.
6) You can chose to receive your finder fee on a per contract basis via email transfer to the address above. Or you can choose to donate your finders fee to charity. You get to choose a "social" cause or "environmental." Charities may or may not change on a year by year basis. This years charities are listed above, click their name to vist their website.
7) In January of 2018 you will receive a "finders report" with the organizations that found their way to Soulfire Design, the discount they received, the funds you received, and a thank letter. Because Soulfire is not a charity or nfp, but simply a social conscious business, you will not receive a donation slip for your taxes. We encourage you to donate to our Soulfire endorsed charities as your own business if you would like a charitable tax receipt.        

What about Security? or Technical Support.

There's no real complex digital security built-in with this initiative, but if something doesn't seem right, I'll follow up with you to make sure codes aren't being sold on the dark web lol. As I launch my new platform it's mostly just a means to incentivized high quality referrals, say a BIG thank you, build community, and create a win-win-win scenario. More question? email me or call direct (604) 644-9026

Again, it's not a highly complex system. It's not much more complicated than a "Buy 9 get the 10 drink for free"  coffee punch card system. If you have any security or technical question or concerns that aren't address in this onboarding page, or throughout the year, please email me or call me directly (604) 644-9026. No banking information is exchanged, or even contact info. again it's mostly just a means to incentivized high quality referrals, say a BIG thank you, build community, and create a win-win-win scenario.  

Can I opt-out?

Yes, at any time you can opt out as a "Soulfire Finder". All codes given out will no longer be active, your referees will no longer receive a discount, and you will no longer receive a finders fee. If a contract is in progress the client will still receive the discount, and you will still receive you finders fee. Upon opt-out you will receive a short survey so we can address any issues that may have come up for you, to better amp up the win-win-win ratios. You will also still receive your "finders report" at the end of the year.

Do codes expire?

Nope. You will be given one code per year. (Please give out your up-to-date code!) If a referee approaches me with a code from 5 years ago, I'll probably just double check with you that you actually know them, and that they didn't get the code on the dark web as part of some illicit, dubious and/or nefarious trade. If glitches come up, this system may get revised to include a yearly expiry date.      

More question?

Email me or call direct (604) 644-9026