Soulfire Design Founder,  Shaun Friesen

Soulfire Design Founder, Shaun Friesen

Ignite your Soulfire.

Founded by visionary production artist Shaun Friesen, Soulfire Design doesn’t just create indelible brands or robust websites, but provides customized communication materials to maximize time and energy in your relationship building opportunities. Soulfire Design equips entrepreneurs, small-to-medium sized businesses, teachers and artisans, with one-of-a-kind creative solutions to professionally interact in the digital age.

Soulfire founder, Shaun Friesen, is a multimedia brand developer, award winning animator, and author. With a fine art degree in computer technology, and over a decade of experience in the field of new media and digital design, Shaun has helped over a hundred creative entrepreneurs expand their technological dexterity and commercial visibility. Shaun has studied with visionary painter Alex Grey, collaborated with Media Theory and Digital Economics Professor, Douglas Rushkoff, and sold out events for pop culture sage Deepak Chopra. Shaun is a member of the Society of Graphic Designers of Canada, a national certification body for graphic and communication design. Click here to read Shaun’s full bio.