You've carved out your niche after many dedicated years, and your website needs to be remodeled
to showcase your advanced expertise:


Advanced Web Design
(15+ pages)

ex: Home, About, History, Staff x5, Services, Service Detail Pages x6, Schedule, Portfolio x10, Blog Archive x10+, Store x10+, Contact

  • Multi-website database Set-up (mySQL), Site Migration or Domain Transfer
  • Set-up of Hosting/Domain/E-mail
  • Architectural planning or tune-up of your advanced business services
  • Upgrade of vision, mission and tagline statements
  • Visual branding implementation, preliminary development or advancement
  • Identification and visual emphasis on key messaging, customer value propositions, and calls-to-action
  • Advanced opt-ins, newsletter template design, and deployment system set-up
  • Blog, Portfolio, Archive optimization
  • Calendar, Blog or Booking systems
  • e-Commerce system set up
  • Advanced SEO optimization
  • Interactive email signature
  • Full kit of supplementary social media content
  • 'Instant' website change over using a Sandbox system

All packages are personalized to meet your business needs.
Credit card payments are accepted, and payment plans are negotiable to coincide with your business timelines.

$4925 and up


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